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Launching Trouble

Hello, this is me, Georgia.

Have you ever been to a book launch?

...and, no, Henry, the time you threw the library books out of the window to see if they could fly doesn’t count...

The Librarian still looks at Henry suspiciously whenever the kindergarteners go to Library on Monday mornings – and, by the way, for those of you who are wondering, no, library books can’t fly, not by themselves, anyway.

Don’t try it.

It upsets librarians.

Despite what it sounds like, a book launch isn’t about flying books. I know, because I got to go to one a few weeks ago. For this book... with me in it...

Trouble at Home is all about how me and Trouble – okay,okay, Trouble and I – got to meet each other, and how our house ended up in its new place in the mountains.

Lots of people came to the book launch

… no, Henry, there were no flying books …

and got to eat cupcakes and potato chips and dragon scale bread and fizzy sarsaparilla drink – okay, so they got to drink fizzy sarsaparilla drink, but you know what I mean – and got to hear about the time my baby brother – Godfrey, not Henry – got stolen by a giant green dragon.

It was very exciting.

Tania McCartney introduced the book, and Cate Whittle read my story and talked about how she got to know me and Trouble – Trouble and I, no, Trouble and me!

Anyway, Trouble and I were thrilled to meet so many friends and can’t wait ‘til next time.

See you then!

Georgia x

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