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Three Times the Fun!

Hello, here I am again, it's Georgia!

It's been a whole month since we went back to school, and I can hardly remember the holidays already.

I hope you had a really amazing summer break (or winter if you don't live in Australia or somewhere else in the southern hemisphere) and didn't get too hot (or too cold).

I had a great time hanging around with Trouble...

...yes, and you, Henry..

...just having fun. I read a whole heap of new books and wrote some more adventures with Georgia the Sky Pirate, as well.

Yes, we played soccer, too, Henry...

...except for when it got way too hot!

Talking of hot, Trouble found out how much he likes ice-cream, too. Apparently his favourite flavour is either lemon or peppermint, but he thinks someone should invent sarsaparilla flavour. I suppose I should be happy he hasn't asked for potato chip flavour!

Anyway, weeks and weeks ago, just after the holidays finished, Cate launched another of my stories... all about when Nina the New Kid started at our school, which was almost a disaster!

Nina starting at our school. Not the launch. The launch was really fun.

Anyway, that means that I now have three stories for you to read... which is three times the fun!

See you next time!


Georgia xx

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