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Trouble and the Exploding House

Hello Everybody! It's me again, Georgia,

Gosh, I've been busy at school this year, and I can hardly believe that we are already half way through. We've been doing lots of reading and writing, which is lots of fun, and quite a lot of spelling and maths too, which is also pretty good.

Trouble still isn't allowed to come to school. I don't really understand why, because, now that he has been told, I'm sure he won't do any more Speed Landings with Claws.

Anyway, I thought I'd better let you know - I'm really excited - we've got another story coming out any day now, and it is our most explosive yet!

Trouble and the Exploding House, featuring me and Trouble, and

- yes, yes, Henry, I won't forget you -

and Henry and all the gang from school, will be out in book shops from the 1st August, and Cate will be having a party to launch the book at Harry Hartog Bookshop in Woden, Canberra, on Saturday, 5th August.

The fun starts at 11am, so if you are anywhere nearby, come along and join in.

Cate usually makes sure there are cupcakes and other goodies, plus a little treat to take home. You can listen to her read the first chapter, too, and, if you buy a copy of the book, she will sign it for you!

In the meantime, we are all back at school today (except Trouble, who isn't allowed!), so we will be catching up with all our friends and finding out what fun things we have to learn about this term. I'm looking forward to doing some great art and a bit of science (hopefully not explosive though, or I might get banned, too!). What about you? What is your favourite subject at school?

See you next time,

Georgia x

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