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Looking Forward...

Hi there, Georgia here!

Hope you have had a fabulous summer break. I’ve been reading lots of books and spending time just hanging out with Trouble and all my other friends.

image taken from cover for

Trouble at Home

artwork by Kim Gamble

It will be back to school time for me next week, and I’m looking forward to finding out who my teacher will be this year.

I have friends up in Queensland who are already back at school and know who their teacher is. Lucky ducks.

Anyway, whether you already know who your teacher is for the next school year, or if you are still waiting to find out, I hope you get someone who is funny and kind and does lots of great things with you this year.

I wonder if we will get Mr Frump again? At least I know I’ll get plenty of time for reading and writing in his class, even if he doesn’t like dragons.


Kyle hopes we get a new teacher, because Mr Frump knows all his tricks for getting out of doing his work, and Braedon agrees. He always agrees with Kyle. Most people do. It makes Kyle happy. Which makes everyone else happy, too.

Jonno agrees with me, though. Or at least he had better!

Myra definitely likes Mr Frump, but then, she is teacher’s pet. Although, she and Nina do compete with each other for that. At least they are not At War any more.

Whoever we get as our teacher, I have lots of plans for this year. I want to learn heaps of new stuff, and I think that I will start a series about Georgia the Sky Pirate in Writing Time.

Do you have any goals for this year at school?

Henry says he is going to get better at reading and he has written a big sign to put on the wall near where we do our homework in the living room.

-- Yes, Henry, it’s a great sign.

Maybe he will get better at spelling, too.


I think it is going to be a spectacular year.

Have fun,

Georgia x

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