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Book Week!

Hello everyone, it's Georgia again!

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to next week at school... because it's Book Week!

There are going to be all sorts of fun things to do, and (my favourite bit) lots of extra reading time.

I'm super excited about the Dress-Up Parade at Assembly, although I still haven't decided who to dress up as yet.

I've been looking at some great ideas, like these from Mapmaker Chronicles , or you could just make some great big ears like Henry has so you can be the BFG (although Henry's ears look a bit like squashed snails).

...No, Henry, I said they look like sails...

Mr Frump said I couldn't come as Trouble, even though he is in a book, and I guess it would be pretty hard to dress up as a dragon, but you could try wearing a green hoodie and a pair of blue dragon wings.

I could come as myself, I suppose, 'cause I'm in a book, too. It would be really easy for me, since I've already got a red and white T-shirt and blue shorts, like in the illustrations for Trouble at Home.

And the red hair.

... Yes, Henry, you've got red hair, too... and you are in the book...

...but he just wears plain T-shirts, usually, so it wouldn't be as much fun if you tried to dress up as him.

Especially when you could wear the red and orange shirt and brown trousers like in Trouble and the Missing Cat, if you wanted to dress up as me!

I suppose you could come as someone else. You could cover yourself in jam and say you were Godfrey. Who is always sticky.

Or maybe not.

If your teachers are anything like Mr Frump, they won't like it at all if you get sticky on everything!

If you wanted to come as Jonno, it might work if you have a dragon-singed hat. Although, unless you have a dragon, that might be a bit difficult to find.

And quite dangerous.

I hope your school is having a Dress-Up (and lots of extra reading time!) so you can have fun, too. Whoever you dress up as.

Bye for now,

Georgia xx

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