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Hi there, it's me, Georgia, again!

I thought it was about time to say hello, since it's been such ages and so much has happened! There are now FOUR books about me and Trouble, the school year has finished, and we have just had the best Christmas with all the family together. And Trouble!

At the moment we are on holiday. What do you like best about holidays?

Henry likes sleeping in, Godfrey likes having me and Henry to play with, and I like having time to hang out with Trouble and read books all day!

My favourite place to visit during the summer holidays is the beach. It's only about half an hour as the dragon flies from our house. Which is much better than the two hours it used to take driving in the car!

I don't mind car trips, 'cause I like to look out the window to see all the different things, but Henry and Godfrey get really bored, so going by dragon express is much better.

We still like to play car games, like seeing who can spot the first red car, or who can count the most cars in their favourite colour in the next ten minutes, but some of the games are trickier. When you are flying on a dragon it is hard to see the road signs or car regos, so it makes it a bit awkward trying to see who can spell their name first using letters they see.

One of my favourite games is 'Holidays!' where one person chooses a theme and everything you take on the holiday has to use that theme, but no-one else knows what it is, they have to guess, and you can't tell them. You can only say 'Yes, you can come on holiday,' or 'No, you're not coming'. When someone else guesses the theme the round is over and they get to choose the next theme.

For instance I might decide that only things that are the same colour as Trouble (green with blue wings and red scaly bits round the ears) can come on holiday, so I might say, 'I'm going on holiday and I'm going to take my bike' (which is red).

Then Henry might say, 'I'm going on holiday and I'm going to bring my toy car' because both bikes and cars have wheels, but his toy car is white, so I would say 'No, you can't come.'

Then he might say he was going to bring his beach ball, which is red (like my bike, but also like Trouble's scaly bits round his ears) and I could say 'Yes!' and we could keep on going until he guesses that it has to be the same colour as Trouble, then it is his turn to choose.

Although he usually chooses things that fly!

Godfrey tries to play, but he usually just guesses food all the time.

Trouble is getting very good at ‘Holidays!’, too, and can guess the answer pretty quickly, but then he chooses themes that we can't guess, like the colour of Princess Esmerelda's favourite dragon hunting dress... which was primrose. Apparently.

Do you have any favourite car games?

Anyway, we're having a pretty good holiday at the moment. I am reading the latest book Cate has written about me and Trouble to Henry and Godfrey (and Trouble!). We’re just up to the bit where... oh, hang on, I’d better not tell you in case you haven’t read the story yet. But it is pretty explosive and lots of fun, especially if you like dragons flying round breathing fire!

See you next time,

Georgia xx

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