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Merry Christmas Holidays!

Dragons and flying cats!

Is it really that long since my last news?!

So much has been happening since Book Week – which was forever ago, in August – I can barely fit it all in.

Cate has been going to loads and loads of book launches and collecting more and more books signed by authors – it’s getting difficult to count them all. This picture just shows some of the ones she bought and still had to find room on the bookshelves for... and even though she said she wouldn’t buy any more this year, she did!

She also took me along to a couple of exciting events, like this one, where we got to meet lots of kids who like books, too.

Do you like books?

Did you get any for Christmas? I did. I’m looking forward to reading them during the holidays.

And so are you, Henry, that’s right.

I gave Henry a book all about flying, but there weren’t any cats in it.

Or tents.

Or dragons, which upset Trouble a bit, ‘cause he is really good at flying.

My favourite thing about Christmas was getting together with my family and friends and enjoying roast turkey and Christmas cake.

Not at the same time.

That would be silly.

Yes, Henry, we had potato chips and fizzy sarsaparilla drink, as well.

And we taught Trouble how to play backyard cricket. Sort of.

Henry’s team won.

Apparently, you can score six trillion if you knock the ball over the cliff while Trouble is having a snooze in the shade instead of fielding.


Anyway... we all enjoyed Christmas.

I hope you had a really good Christmas, too, or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you are having a really amazing holiday, anyway.

Oh, and have a happy New Year, too.

...and don’t forget to watch out for my new story, which will be in the shops in time for February!

Here's a sneak peek of the cover, shh, don't tell:

See you then,

Georgia xx

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